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Every season in each of our business year has been characterized by important new choices. The idea behind has always been to bring new distinctive elements to our menu, enriching and subtracting flavours without eliminating the most significant ones. The various Studies are files that contain history, memories, proposals, solutions of a lifetime for us.

Clearly, the best known flavours of our ice cream will remain available. Crema Brunelli, Portonovo, our different chocolates (sorbet, milk, dark chocolate and orange zest), hazelnut and pistachio, but also stracciatella. Susceptible to changes and the seasonality of the products, the fruit flavours that will vary from week to week depending on fresh products.

Study 2019

Take a step back to take new steps into the future. Paolo Brunelli presents our new season menu inspired by the memories of flavours-of-the-eighties-ice cream. A manifesto of temperament, perseverance, of cultural enhancement, that looks at the character of ice cream by putting aside the extremes and reconciling the alikes.

The idea comes from the desire to bring back to the ice cream counter all those proposals that, for various reasons, have disappeared for several years now, and are related to an ancestral taste, faded in the sensations but sensitive to Six flavours, that will be included from mid-April, that will become part of an essential short list.

They start from Zabaione made with cooked wine. It is proposed again in all possible ways, specifically it is made with the cooked wine of Loro Piceno.

The second taste is the classic of the classics, the Tiramisù enriched with the Menododici, cold chocolates, dark truffles that are also portioned in packs of ten pieces.

The third taste is the Malaga Marsala. Who can’t recall in his memories the one of raisin, soaked in one of the most famous national wines? In this version, however, Malaga has been replaced by Marsala, a full-bodied and gentle liqueur.

The list includes the Zuppa Inglese, the one of the past but with a high quality Alchermes liqueur. This taste can also be tasted in the ‘Can’ version, suitable for take-away, and ‘The Ball’, a project presented in the latest edition of Identità Golose national event: a sphere covered with chocolate that contains a soft sponge cake soaked in Alchermes liqueur, surrounded by a traditional cream.

Then we move on to L’Amaretto, the taste of the carousel, that of the black and white TV, that of the bitter at the end of a meal.

Finally, La Spagnola, a creamy ice cream with sour cherries.

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