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Paolo Brunelli gelato maker, chocolate maker, handler of sweet things

The pages of the noise, of the sounds of a laboratory, of pastry products. We have enhanced them, they have been concentrated, mixed, superimposed to weave a litany to which we are accustomed but which changes constantly depending on the product we make. The result is a repetitive sound that follows the constancy of a meticulous work.

This communicative space speaks of Paolo Brunelli, of his way of thinking about gelato making and of imagining chocolate. And music plays a fundamental role in his professional history. The notes are different from those played, but the rhythm marks each realization. Here you will find information on contemporary confectionery that dedicates painstaking attention to the product, to quality. A trend reversal, compared to an initial self-referentiality, not to mention exclusively the path followed but the result achieved. That’s why a good thing makes noise. Create noise, confusion, daze. It imposes an evaluation, it launches vibrations that bring the smile, stimulate the appetite. It is in the midst of the cracks of taste that the products you find in the shop move. This is perhaps the most important news. We try to reach you and increase the comparison with you. Let’s talk about good things and we need your complicity.

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