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Give tomorrow also a tomorrow. This is the meaning of a purely applicative work in the world of ice cream. The juniper that triggers at every change of season in the hope of finding the taste of the year is not enough. We need a project, an idea, a lasting format, a constant that marks a working and cultural path.

The Vertical Forest on the Plate (Identità Golose 2018)

It is not a first experiment to make a non-sweet ice cream. In this case, however, the construction of the recipe is inspired by the concept of verticalization that took place with the urban strategy of the vertical forest, now a monumental construction in the business district of Milan.

In this the distribution of the green is exactly balanced in all its length exactly as is the Human Factor in ice cream parlor. All employees are on the same level. At the 2018 edition of Identità Golose, Paolo Brunelli presented an ice cream with mascarpone with cucumber and parsley meringues, salami, raspberry and Sichuan pepper eggs. Just the meringues have been positioned vertically hiding the ice cream core. That is, the perfect reproduction of the "hierarchy" in ice cream parlors. The Human Factor as an essential and cultural element.

Photos: Studio Brambilla Serrani

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Torta Brunelli

When we think of a cake we do it in portions and always in even numbers: for four, for six, for eight, for twelve and so on. However, we are living in an age that is moving towards a society of feeling, where differences and differences constantly question us about our real capacity for sharing. Accepting the unusual or the unpredictable is a choice of life, and of taste.

The cake is a tribute to the fundamental quality of the raw materials, the Cravanzana hazelnuts and a South American chocolate cru.

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Ice cream in tablet

In four chocolate chess all the flavor of the most popular ice cream flavors of Paolo Brunelli ice cream shop The project of ‘Il Gelato in tavoletta’ was born in the winter of 2016. Initially four types of tablets were made. Brunelli Cream, Crunchy Milk, Crunchy Fondant and Portonovo. Over time, the flavors Senigallia and Gianduia have been added. The experimentation is all in the desire to carry around some of the memories of summer and instead of focusing on the deseasonalization of ice cream the master Brunelli focused on lengthening the season through memories and thanks to chocolate.

• Crema Brunelli, white chocolate bar with hazelnuts from Cravanzana (Piedmont) and pieces of dark chocolate

• Portonovo, blond chocolate bar, peanuts and Cervia salt

• Crunchy milk, milk chocolate bar with biscuit pearls

• Fondant Crunchy, 72% dark chocolate bar from Venezuela

• Senigallia, white chocolate bar with coffee bean granules and Cervia salt with a slight hint of orange

• Gianduia, bar of milk chocolate from the Dominican Republic and hazelnuts from Cravanzana (Piedmont)

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